Where do we get our product?

Faith Restorations Inc is operating in direct partnership with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in order to provide food and various items to residents of Beaver County and surrounding Counties who are in need.  Although we are purchasing some of our food from Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  there are so many items that they do not have available, so items are donated through food drives, grocery and food distributors, growers and other sources of wholesome surplus food.

Our relationship with distributors and manufacturers like Giant Eagle, Shop N Save, Walmart, Commissary, Sam’s Club, Fresh Foods, Target, Bimbo's, Costco, GFS and Sysco accounts for large percentage of the overall food donations at the Food pantry and approximately 90,000 pounds of food items each month.

Many families and the elderly are having to choose between enough food to eat or paying bills; between attending to their medical needs or having other items they need to simply survive.  With your help, we can provide part of their solution.

Faith Restorations is seeking monetary donations, along with physical assistance in preparing for distribution days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at qprice@faithrestorations.org

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