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Mission Statement:

Faith Restorations, Inc. exists to enhance the quality of life for all those in need, especially veterans through home repairs, food resources.

About Us

Faith Restorations Inc. is a tax-exempt not-for-profit food pantry that serves all of Beaver County and some surrounding counties. Faith Restorations goal is to alleviate hunger and help Veterans, families,seniors and individuals in need in Beaver County and surrounding counties by soliciting, collecting food for distribution through support from Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, charitable organizations and corporate sponsorship. Our services include food distributions and renovations for families and Veterans.

Approximately 3,000 families are being fed through our distribution monthly and it continues to increase. Faith Restorations, Inc is an organization that changes lives. But not always in the way one expects. Lives are touched and changed for not only the people that we serve but also by those who do the serving. Seeing these families regain hope in times of need not only because of someone’s words, but by their deeds. Faith Restorations operates a warehouse facility where we store donated or rescued food for distribution.

It is estimated that the number of children who will need to use a food pantry will increase during the next five years. Beaver County is growing, and several new families are entering the area looking for employment. Several programs exist to help transition these new families into the county. Faith Restorations is an important resource to these programs because we can respond quickly with the one of the most important resources these families need…food!

Our services improve the ability of families to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. Faith Restoration’s services, now, are a small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of hunger in the county and the influence it has on several health and crime issues.


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